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As wetting agent, add 2-5 parts / 1000. The solutions are maintained at room temperature. The amount of Soda Ash required in the pad liquor is equal to the weight of Abifix M Dyes added with minimum of 5 parts and maximum of 30 parts per 1000 parts of paid liquor.

After the padding, cover the batch with alkathene sheet and store for 2 hours at room temperature, then wash-off.

ABIFIX H / P Brand for Printing

Abifix H Series is exclusively manufactured for brilliant and fast printing in all types of machines - flat bed, screen, rotary etc. and on type of cellulosic substrates.

These are monochlorotriazine reactive dyes. Due to single chlorine group they have low reactivity and hence require severe conditions of fixation with cotton fabric. They can be applied by both dyeing and printing methods.

1) Printing Methods: Print - Dry - Steam - Wash - Dry

Urea 100 Parts
Sodium Alginate (4-6%) 400 Parts
Resist Salt 10 Parts
Soda-Bicarbonate 15 Parts
Water Rest
Total 1000 Parts

Mix dye with urea and add warm water and stir well. To this solution add Sodium Alginate and Resist salt and stir well. Add pre-dissolved sodium bicarbonate just prior to printing.

Print the fabric and dry. Then steam the dried fabric at 100-102°C for 7-15 minutes. Finally wash the fabric and dry. If required can give dye fixing treatment. If high temperature steam is used of temp 110-150°C then steam for 3-5 minutes depending on temperature.

2) Print – Dry – Bake – Wash – Dry

Urea 150 Parts
Sodium Alginate (4%) 400 Parts
Resist Salt 10 Parts
Soda Ash 15 Parts
Water Rest
Total 1000 Parts

The fabric is printed with above print paste and dried. The dried goods are then baked on follows:

Temperature 140°C 200°C 150°C 200°C
Time 5 Min. 1 Min. 5 Min. 1 Min.

Note: For printing with T. Blue H5G and Red Brown H4R use sodium bicarbonate instead of soda ash. For Black HN higher amount of soda ash is used up to 30 gpl.